Justice Njoki Susanna Ndung'u

Has no business sitting on the SCOK. She better thank CJ Maraga for having given her the opportunity to "speak" read her opinion. She is outmatched on that bench.

Understandably when she got there, was when our new Katiba was (and still is) in its infancy. She lacks the judicial experience. She had never been a judge prior to being on the SCOK. Reading the summary of her dissenting opinion is totally underwhelming for a Supreme Court Justice.

Kenya being the tribalistic society that it is, Justice Mumbi Ngugi would be an apt replacement, better suited and more than qualified for that position. Hayo tu!
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I like your thinking. In that case Mugabe is the best president in the world because he is the longest serving president in the world.
wacha kupiga mtu sweep hivyo asubuhi!

@Swansea you see the problem with trusting babuon to read the constitution for you, you don't know how justice Njoki Ndung'u got there. go read the constitution and stop exposing ur ignorance.


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Most of us are retarded. The original poster just made a good observation. Looking at history, the judge's lines of argument and general conduct has been erratic a fact generally traceable to lack of experience by an individual. How that turns into a UOTP vs RWNBP duel is beyond me.
We must demand for the best


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A double standard niccer just realised this yesterday after the ruling going around criticizing her ari she tribal yet cant go that road with ojwang
such a pity
It's funny though,Njoki Ndung'u has been involved in the corridors of law ever since she started serving as a state counsel in the AG's office,from 1989.
That's an experience level you don't wish away.