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Hi all.

We are in the process of organizing a get together party at a venue to be communicated to you later, slated for Saturday the 28th March for the old k-list members to chart the way forward. Life without k-list has proven to be almost unbearable, having become very very close to members- some of whom I personally never knew!!

For those interested, kindly get in touch on shotimzito@gmail.com for further details on the same.

Non-members and other interested parties are also welcome.

Register here and send an email confirming the same and I shall communicate one on one to all of you.

Yours one & only,



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Forget it, I said in Dec last year that the goat eating that was being organized by M4 wouldn't happen and fellas told me off.Did it happen?


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Hey fellas, easy-easy-easy- it's too early to start settling scores here.

@Electronics4u, it's better if you come with your old k-list handle for ease of identification.

@Mathice, towards December last year, there was a lot of bile being spewed here- so very few listers could see eye to eye. That would have been a HUGE mad fight if guys were to meet. Can you imagine @thirdman being gang-raped by undercover Mauki Familymembers or worse still- @Fmungai sharing a table with @Crazydude.......??

Drop the emails, I need to get the numbers so that we start working out something.
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