Kaa Rada

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Be on the look out. If you are riding in a mathree especially on Ngong road between Dagoretti corner and the city centre, be alert at all times. If you spot these guys ka ritho otherwise all your valuables will be off-loaded. Most of the time they work in cahoot with the matatu crew, just remember you are on your own.


They live around Dagoretti corner and are dangerous. The one wearing the black cap goes by the alias Tony Jazino.
Was wondering what @kush yule mnono anado +254 n the last I heard alikuwa ameenda kupika chakula za kiarabu huko Yemen.

Whichi brings me to another point. Wapi story zile DF za buibui/hijab wearing fake Arabic women? @kush yule mnono ni wewe nauliza
Hehe, @le scumbag am far away from +254. Got the pics from the internet and I happen to know some of the guys.
Story za DF za warabu zinakam soon. Chungulia this space
Not open for further replies.