Kakamega airstrip unatoka kwa ndege unangojwa na nduthi.


Monocotyledon Combuster
It is have high time air travel was demystified for bonobos. First step should be doing away with the archaic KCAA and KRA and replacing them with more dynamic and vibrant bodies. Mayolo hata chokora akiamua anaweza own ndege.


Village Elder
Murtaza Mohamed Airport Lagos. 5 metres from airport exit you find money changers and matatus. Not taxi, not nganya but zile Ford Transit zilikua zinabeba route ya Lungs lungs Inda. Yellow in colour and with rotten floor boards. You watch tarmac as you head to your hotel destination not forgetting the thousands of Naira's stuffed in all your pockets. Funny thing is nobody is bothered, you won't be robbed. Oh and those money changers are not in forex bureaus but katikati ya hizo matatu and the currency is brand new with the Central Bank ribbon around every bunch.


Village Elder
Don't tell me nyinyi ni wale huvaa " Sunday Best " ndio mpande ndege. :)
A domestic flight is just a faster ,bigger bus. Ata ukishuka unaweza tembea kaguu Hadi stage.