Kakamega Gold Rush or Bust?

UK-based gold firm Acacia Mining has put its Kakamega gold mine on sale.

The company has also scaled down its operations in the area, substantially reducing its workforce in the mines as it prepares to exit in the course of this year.

The firm came to limelight locally in 2017 when it announced a major gold discovery in Kakamega.

At the time, it described the find as that of high-grade gold and estimated that the mines at the Liranda Corridor in Kakamega had a resource of 1.31 million ounces of gold, whose grade, it said, was one of the highest in Africa.

The resource could be valued at $1.65 billion (Sh171 billion). Acacia has, however, not been able to move the mines to production and now says it is planning to sell all or part of the licences it had been granted to explore for gold in the area.

This gold mine could literally change the face of Kakamega. If Acacia Mining is selling the mine should a Kenyan Firm buy up the mine and fast forward to production? Or an international firm?

Weh! Huku ni safi sana. Kakamega will have to be renamed Gold Forest.
Bullshiet reporting by this mercy character, poor research too.. What are they mining, she dint even secure an interview with company management. What lies in the ground.. Githeri media.

The company in question was Acacia Mining drilling for core samples of the soil. The samples they recovered showed a very rich gold vein that is a high yield.

But the only problem is that it’s several meters deep underground, resettlement and buying of peoples land will be a headache, environmental concerns will be a big issue. And after the ordeal they just went through in Tanzania it’s not worth the risk for them. So they’re selling the mining rights...
has anything changed the face of any county in kenya? Mombasa,Narok(maasai mara) and all tourism is still crap,Oil in turukana ,lake victoria.......nothing
How resources are managed should be a concern.

In Mombasa you can’t see the new roads, SGR, new port, a bridge will be there in a few years etc?

Turkana is also changing desert is being turned into farmland, roads are being built, and a lot of other developments.