Kama uliona nsawa tu

Cruel world Girl misses out on KCPE as she is abducted and raped by brothers

For 15-year-old Nelly (not her real name), three days at the hands of her abductor were the longest she has ever endured in her life. “They were three days of mental torture, unfathomable anxiety, fear and anguish,” Nelly said as tears freely streamed down her cheeks.

Within the three days, she witnessed all her childhood dreams of passing her Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) examinations, joining Alliance Girls High School and enrolling as a medical student at the University of Nairobi vanish through the roof of a cubicle in a lodge.

Allegedly defiled

She said she was held prisoner as other Standard Eight candidates were writing their tests across the country. Her story is that of a helpless gazelle that escaped with injuries from a hunter only to land in the trap of a hyena. But she survived. Nelly was allegedly defiled by a neighbour before she was abducted by his brother, who also reportedly raped her.

According to Nelly’s aunt, who operates a business at Gesima Shopping Centre in Nyamira County, the first offender has since been arrested but a second suspect is still at large. She told The Standard that after the first attack, her tormentor’s brother lay in wait for her.

“I did not know him. He came at around 9pm and told me he had been sent by my aunt to evacuate me to safety because the relatives of the man who raped me were coming to lynch me that night in revenge for having their son arrested,” she narrated.

He told her to pack all her clothes quickly before the villagers struck. Although baffled, she obeyed. By that time, she was alone in the rented house she shares with her aunt and one of her cousins. Her aunt runs a bar until late into the night. Nelly told the man she needed to talk with her aunt before moving to ‘safety’ but he refused.

“He led me to a waiting motorbike and rode to an unknown place, where he kept me kept me in a room overnight before he returned for me at around 4am.” The two then boarded a matatu to Nakuru County, where he introduced her to his sister before booking a room in a hotel room where he kept her for another two days.

Back home, Nelly’s aunt was confused when she could not find her niece. She reported her missing to the police after informing the head teacher of Gesima Primary School, where Nelly was supposed to sit for the KCPE exams. The abductor then made a call to the aunt, making clear demands that the girl was his hostage and the ultimate ransom was his brother’s release from police custody.

Dodge detectives

He told her that the defilement case against his brother must be withdrawn or else he would kill the girl. The phone call, which spread fear among Nelly’s relatives, was reported to the police.

According to Keroka OCS Mohamed Bonaya, the suspect was traced to Elbugon in Nakuru, where he managed to dodge detectives. By the time Nelly was rescued, her peers had long finished the exams. But she says her spirits were revived when President Uhuru Kenyatta announced that all candidates who missed their exams would be given supplementary tests.

Gesima Primary School head teacher Siruel Machoka said Nelly was among the top performers in her class. “I know I will succeed in this life if I get the necessary support,” she said.