Kama wewe ni mwanaume na unafanya haya mambo... change your name to Shaniqua

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Mwanaume fearing a *FIST* fight! ( where no weapons just a bare knuckles fight :D!)

Learn to receive a punch!!! Learn a martial art, this a vital for any Man be it boxing, judo, Taekwondo, etc or just lift weights! Big Biceps will make people back off!

Mini Hekaya:

I stepped on a hawkers mitumba clothes juzi kwa bahati mbaya, i did not apologize he challenged me to a fight! I obliged! ( i know I could have been ganged up) The fact I didn't back down from the fight made him back off!
No 12.
I have to shower before getting into bed or how do you sleep with all the day's dust and sweat?
And I have to shower in the morning or how do you expect me to just wake up and go to work after a night of sexing.
And if not after a night of sexing I need to shower in the morning to ease hangovers.
Wacheni kutetea kuwa wachafu.
Mwanaume ni passport...kuoga washana nayo! :D:D:D

Miss Finest Wine

@Vin Diesel198 Hehehehehe....Hiyo ni lazima in the industry that I am in else you won't get a job. You will 'fail' interview after interview and no one will tell you outright that urudishe hiyo kizungu kwenye ulitoka. Na kushida ukiambiwa pardon me? say that again...is tiring. You do a presentation, they say they did not hear a word you said (behind your back)!!!which is true because I also never used to hear what they were saying as I was used to watching American Progs in Kenya.

Had to attend special classes. Having said that, I still retain a Kenyan accent. I apply both although when I go to Toy Market with my Sis, she tells me to 'shush' when we are bargaining...:D:D:D
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