Kamwana in Kisumu City

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u have been told time and time again these two guys have been friends since utotoni when Uhuru's dad was prezzo and Rao's dad Vice Prezzo. The two families used to pay each other visits and ocasionally had dinner together...bakini hapa mkitukanana bcoz of yr political differences.


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More like confirming if it's true that the geezer got one ball.
naskianga huyo hananga bolingo (na sina link!)
After confirming he has one ball then the president will call a press conference and announce it for all Kenyans to know. Then, voila, the exchange rate of dollar to Kenya shilling will come tumbling down. What a piece of genius. That's all Kenya needs right now.


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Have you guys realized that all of a sudden our brethren from the lakeside are no longer vipiis and watu wa firimbi???? Call it hypocrisy. Shame on us the hoi polloi.
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