KBC Channel 1


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I was seated at a certain joint taking my cup of tea, and unfortunately they had switched to KBC Channel 1 and I ended up watching 7:00pm news in there.

That ain't a problem, but my problem is, we ladies, have we lost it in terms of dressing? See, there is this tendency by news casters, before starting the news broadcast, they always have the news highlights first, thus having their full body from head to toe in full view. Well, the news "gal" had a transparent pencil skirt and you could see her thighs, I felt ashamed as a woman.

Sina mbisha, lakini najua kama @uwesmake ameona hii, lazima amefurahia sana. Tafuta news highlights za Leo on KBC Channel 1
si turudiane baby


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Linda Ogutu alisumbua na hizo hips zake some 7 or so years back. Yaani hio swing camera inatoka juu inamzunguka, ikiteremka for some 10 seconds.
She popped a kid akatulia. Mzee alikataa hio upuzi ya kupata viewership.