Kcr sent me (us) away.


Village Elder
I'm a forty nine-year old man.

Suppose I feign a gross injury, set a mat on a street to beg for help. Suppose also that Nairobians give thousands upon thousands of shillings to help, you included.

After a few weeks, a journalist uncovers my fraud.

Would you think I'm a thief?

1.If no, what am I?

2. If yes, who did i steal from?

Main question, WHY DO YOU THINK SO?


Village Elder
Reminds me. There is a certain Indian lady who goes around petrol station saying she just needs some money to top up her car. Kazi ni kuambia all motorists hivyo akiokota pesa the whole day while shifting from on gas station to the next
hapa tu kenya?


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By your standards or the government's standards?
......... There were other species of humans. Perhaps the reason we are the only species remaining is because of our nurturing, altruistic and compassionate traits? We just cant help it, some peeps take that against us to derive selfish gains. Therefore in my view its criminal (blueline might be yapping under the influence of alcohol)


Village Elder
  1. pretend to be affected by (a feeling, state, or injury).
    "she feigned nervousness"
    synonyms: simulate, fake, sham, affect, give the appearance of, make a pretense ofMore
    • archaic
      invent (a story or excuse).
    • archaic
      indulge in pretense.