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  1. Nottybwoy

    Nottybwoy Village Elder

    How mh such do they charge? I have a phone I am to receive from US na shipping imekuwa balaa
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  2. Kentex Cargo

    Kentex Cargo Senior Villager

    Please send us details to sales@kentexcargo.com or just inbox me the details
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  3. Kingfishere

    Kingfishere Villager

    Just amazed that kentex undercharged me actually. I confirmed weight of my package to be 5.5kg and I was only charged for 5kg.thanx kentex
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  4. AA1

    AA1 Villager

    #TeamKentexCargo all the way, never failed me once. But f@ck KOTE Cargo ni game ya pata potea
  5. Kentex Cargo

    Kentex Cargo Senior Villager

    We appreciate the kind comments. We are working hard to improve customer experience.

    This holiday season, we are giving away iphone 8. Here is how to enter

  6. asce1062

    asce1062 Villager

    A little context. I am building a Gaming PC that will also be used for video editing, music production and media consumption. Most of the parts that will be used do not ship to kenya. This being the case I asked around and Savostore came highly recommended. So to test the waters I used their buy and ship services and what I included was a keyboard, mouse and mouse pad. So I sent them the items, and they gave me a quote. Included in the quote was also import fees. This seems a bit weird because as to the best of my knowledge, computer parts are exempted from import duty and VAT. But then again, these aren't really computer parts now are they? maybe not. So I paid, I got emails for each step i.e them buying the goods, arriving at their warehouse, being shipped to kenya, Arriving to kenya and finally got my goods home via G4S. SO now that I know it works, let me proceed to buy the internals of the computer right. So today I called Savostore to inquire if they will change me importation fees (aside from shipping) on computer parts, and their customer care says all goods have an import fee of 18% of their price. Well that does not sound right. So I head over to the KRA FAQ (Q7) and it confirms my doubts, Computer parts and books are not subject to VAT and Import duty and if they are it's as little as 2.25%. So I call back Savostore with these facts at hand and the person I talk to says that the 18% covers for Kenya and US. So I follow up with another question okay, do US citizens pay 16% to buy stuff locally?? or do they pay 16% to ship out? And her reply is the same "It covers for both US and Kenya". I am not convinced, and I don't feel as though she can convince me. Now I imagine I am to buy a GTX 1080 Ti which is 79,603.18/- so 18% of that is 14,328.54/- (which is close to the amount I'll pay for a 16GB RAM), not including the shipping/service fee of $15/kg volumetric or actual (whichever is higher). That's a lot! So I ask around and I'm told of Kentex. I ring them up and ask if they include import fees on computer parts. The madame I talk to tells me (before I present her with facts) that computer parts are not subject to import fees. She also adds that I will need to pay 5% for insurance of parts that are > $200 , which totally makes sense.

    Where that 18% is coming from I do not know and their customer service is not transparent/helpful. I m yet to ship with Kentex and this post will be updated when I do.

    TL;DR Version
    Savostore (although highly recommended) charge import fees (aside from shipping/service fee of $15/kg volumetric or actual (whichever is higher)) of 18% of the total price for computer parts, which should not be the case as per http://www.revenue.go.ke/customs/faqcustoms.html (Q7). Kentex on the other hand do not include import fees for computer parts and I believe they adhere to Kenyan laws pertaining importation. They do however (for your own security) include a 5% insurance for goods more than $200.
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  7. Luther12

    Luther12 Village Sponsor

    Is this is over and above their own fees for the service?
  8. asce1062

    asce1062 Villager

    Yes, that 18% is in addition to their service fee of $15/kg.

    PS: for the service charge of $15/kg, they charge you whichever costs more from the item's volumetric or real weight. Which is also questionable in a way.
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  9. asce1062

    asce1062 Villager

    Well since I cannot edit my previous post:
    Update 1: I requested a quote from Kentex which they have sent. It does not include/mention any extra charges for importing the GTX 1080 Ti aside from the normal shipping/service fee plus a 5% insurance because it costs more than $200. But a curious note that's a the bottom on the email says
    Terms & Conditions
    This is your shopping/shipping estimate. If there are any changes to be made, we will let you know via email or phone call. By using our services, you agree to our terms and conditions http://kentexcargo.com/blog/terms-conditions/ 
    I will ring them tomorrow and inquire what those extra charges might be to avoid future surprises. I will also update/post here with relevant findings.
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  10. Kentex Cargo

    Kentex Cargo Senior Villager

    Few things to clarify,

    • Freight insurance is optional and must be declined before the shipment leaves the US. By default, we insure all items
    • We reserve the right to refuse shipping uninsured goods, especially electronics. Example, if you lost a $1800 mackbook and we compensate you with $200, you will never be our customer again or ever recommend us. In a way, we do refuse shipping valuable goods that are not insured. I hope that example makes sense.
    • Volume weight is not a Kentex thing. It is a worldwide metric used in the shipping business and is not going anywhere. We try to offset it by dealing with volumes and negotiating with airlines but even your luggage when traveling cannot exceed certain dimensions without being charged for volume. Please inbox me the invoice in question.
    Let me know if that clarified things and feel free to inbox me
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  11. Kentex Cargo

    Kentex Cargo Senior Villager

    This is a good discussion. I like it. I am glad you are among the very few that read details.
    If you read terms of service, terms, and condition or user agreement for most companies you deal with in everyday life, you might just run away. Because these terms are friendly to such companies and against you. Ceteris Paribus, most of these terms are for risks and liability mitigation, especially in courts system.

    Please inbox me your quote info and I will look at it and clarify things
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  12. asce1062

    asce1062 Villager

    So another update on my dealings with Kentex:
    Newegg had a weekend deal for G.Skill - Trident Z RGB 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4-3200 Memory going at $150. They do not work weekends (and this is not my bone of contention with them). So on Sunday I head over to their site to look for shipping only information, I find the information, but it does not contain the address to ship to. I am kind of desperate. so I head over their blog, and after reading through each I finally found what I was looking for here. Home free right.... NO the information provided there does not include a pone number so I cannot complete my shipping information on Newegg, so I have to wait for Monday so that they can buy and ship for me. The offer ends at 11:00 am so there should be enough time. So Monday morning I create a quote and wait for their office hours (9:00 am) so I can call in. So 9 am I call in and someone picks up, I talk to them and explain the urgency, we quickly go through my request and a quote is created. So I ask if i should pay via MPESA or Bank transfer. I am told MPESA since for bank transfers it'll take till 5pm to validate. So I transfer money to my MPESA and in 10 minutes (or less) the only thing left is for them to make the purchase and send me an email. At this point I have a tingling sensation inside because I can go to my PC Parts Picker list and mark the RAM as bought. So 1 hour later and the email for purchase completion has not yet arrived, so I call back. Luckily I got the same person, so no need to explain all over again. I am informed that the guy who makes the purchases is not yet in the office. So i keep calm knowing I still have an hour. I call at 10:55 just for good measure since the purchase confirmation email has not yet arrived. And still same answer, the guy is not yet in the office. So at this point I knew it was hopeless since it's 11 am and if my guess is right the guy who makes the purchases is state side and it must be like 5am or earlier. So the person I am talking to on the phone says they'll look for other offers that are similar and I will receive a call in that regard and if they do not get one, they will issue a refund. Though I know it's only prolonging the inevitable refund, I go along. So I call back at 4:55PM and to my shock, they did not check for similar offers. I am told to check back today morning. SO being the good guy I am I decide to give them some time and call at 12 noon. And I am told I will be called back, it's been an hour and no one has called me back. At this point I will just ask for a refund and update this post. What has made me triggered is the fact that (if you are trying to buy memory modules RAM you will relate) the last time RAM was this cheap was in July!

    TL;DR version:
    I missed out on an offer which had 2 hours to expiration (by the time of payment) because the guy who makes purchases in Kentex was not yet at the office (deadline was 11am Kenyan time). Now I will possibly have to wait till next year to get a similar deal.

    1. The shipping only information (which will make sure that you do not miss on weekend deals) is not available on Kentex site and I found it here after going through their blog.
    2. The shipping information is not enough to complete adding an address on sites that require a phone number. Newegg is an example.
    3. The person who makes purchases after you pay is based state side so keep in mind the time difference when looking out for offers that have time limits that show day time in Kenya. NOTE that this is an assumption as my purchase was not made by 11am Kenyan time. This deduction was made after the reason I was given was that the guy who makes the purchases is not yet in the office.
    1. How does Kentex deal with/handle days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, where there is an increase in demand for their services with tight deadlines on the availability of goods?
    2. What is their policy in case they fail purchase in time and prices(s) change/ Offer(s) end?
    3. What is their policy in case price(s) drop after you have already made payment(s)?
    Closing Remarks

    Till their site/blog is updated with all the relevant information for shipping only so that you can buy goods for yourself, you are going to be one sad and/or angry shopper come Black Friday and Cyber Monday! This does not mean I am going back to Savostore :D (that magical 18% on all goods is still a pain in the behind). I have done some research (mainly asking around) and Kenya Air Cargo/Kenya Air Cargo is the way I am going. In the end I only hear good things then I get disappointed. Happy shopping!

    Edit #1: I have requested for a refund and I am told it will take 3-5 business days.
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  13. asce1062

    asce1062 Villager

    I got another offer Acer - Predator XB1 27.0" 2560x1440 165Hz Monitor it's at $150 discount and I believe that discount is worth shipping cost (fingers crossed). So I called them back and asked if they could instead buy this and I just top up the balance. They agreed and this has been purchased almost immediately. Aaand I'm back on the Kentext hype train! :D
    I know my "rant" above was a one off case, and they probably deal with this case by case, but it was worth mentioning for other customers out there.
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  14. Philip J. Fry

    Philip J. Fry Village Elder

    How do you manage to get such deals ??? the screen is supposed to cost $400 +
  15. asce1062

    asce1062 Villager

    The MSRP is actually $600-$700, but that's beside the point. What I have done to always be on the loop on these great deals is create a PCPARTPICKER list of all the parts I will need to build the computer, down to the thermal compound and anti static wrist wrap. The site usually updates the price of each part with the lowest price. Alternatively you could check their Price Drops tab regularly. Also they have a nifty tab where you can check Price Trends so you can estimate when the item you want might be at a discount to further help you save/manage you money well. If you don't want to go through the hustle of checking on daily basis, you can go a further step and create an account and under settings, select the items you would like to receive emails for when they are on discount, you can even set the % discount the product should be before you receive an email. I hope this helps :)
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  16. Kentex Cargo

    Kentex Cargo Senior Villager

    I truly apologize for the inconveniences this may have caused. I have sent you a message in your inbox.
    Regarding black Friday and Cyber Monday. We have no guarantee of snatching any deal. There are millions of people looking at and chasing these deals. We have increased capacity to handle this surge but no way to guarantee. Online deals are, however, much easier on major websites that will have 1000's of the same item on sale.

    Physical purchase in stores is not possible. Just to have an idea how bad it gets, see this

    this.jpg this2.jpg
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  17. asce1062

    asce1062 Villager

    Thank you for this clarification. So best bet for Black Friday and Cyber Monday is shipping only method? If so what is the correct/safest procedure to follow to avoid any issues such as lost items between buying and the items getting delivered at your warehouse?

    Also, I am aware you do not work weekends, so for Weekend Deals, how do I go about them to ensure that the deals don't expire without me making a purchase?
  18. Kentex Cargo

    Kentex Cargo Senior Villager

    Black Friday happens more online than physically. Starting on 23rd. We will work over the weekend on black friday week
  19. asce1062

    asce1062 Villager

    Glad to hear this!
    What about Weekend deals that are not Black Friday? How should I go about them?
    Because like the post I made above, that weekend deal was early November.
  20. Tester

    Tester Villager

    Kote Cargo now operating as AirCargo has been swindling Kenyans of hundreds of thousands of shillings for goods remitted to their care for delivery to Kenya from US, UK , etc. The company is owned by one Edward Karanja.


    See https://m.facebook.com/kotecargo1 for a sample of some of the complaints against this company.

    Their new website is aircargo.co.ke.

    Kenyans be warned.
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