Kenya airways flies to USA

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Eish Okiya na hii KQ yako? Hii ni attachment kama ya ex alikupatia vitu vizuri kitambo! Me nitaanza sasa kuinvestigate forward travellers sacco and Pinpoint. And divulge their passenger numbers, P&L etc


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Boeing was to deliver the remaining 2 dreamliners the last being 5y-kzj by this september. It appears kq has deffered delivery. Things are tight

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Because of ExIm and KQ's financial standing, they can't pay for the two ready to go KQ 787s until ExIm is reauthorized by Congress. So the planes have to stay here in Charleston for quite a while until they're able to pay. So the flight line keeps having to move these planes around as the factory keeps spitting out planes and actually delivering them. Privatair is leaving next week so they're not impacted by ExIm.
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