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  1. ule mwenda

    ule mwenda Villager

    pure talent
  2. ule mwenda

    ule mwenda Villager

    admin you should introduce a platform where we should be proud of the growing talent in kenya ...music..drama comedy etc...#najivuniaKenya
    where all kind of talent is exposed

  3. Kenjatta

    Kenjatta Village Elder

    NV keti hapa uwaze maisha.
  4. ule mwenda

    ule mwenda Villager

    meffi...utatii nilishakua welkam ..na nikaketi apa
  5. TerribleWaste

    TerribleWaste Village Elder

    Si uweke thread ingine ya nne alafu @admin akuban.
  6. Illuminated

    Illuminated Village Elder

    uyu ni wale walikuaga wanarudia classes zote za primary school..yaani umekuwa NV since Sept 28th?
  7. Qathuryma

    Qathuryma Village Elder

  8. Starborndj

    Starborndj Village Elder