Kenya is BROKE!

Ben Dover

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Don't worry breastfeed baba initiative will cure this brokenness problem.

Handcheque team 2021.
Even to further calm us down..Ruto is the saviour we've been waiting for since independence. He will reduce the public debt and eliminate corruption. Tribalism, police brutality, land grabbing will never be heard of in Kenya.....ALL HAIL HUSTLER!!
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Hehe, you expect bonobos to know how to manage a deficit? Knowing bonobos, kuna prezzo atajaribu kuprint pesa kama Trump, hapo ndio tutajua hatujui
And they keep telling us that there is money for a bloated parliament

And they are unable to disburse 15 percent but tell us that after bbi counties will get 35 percent

Sijui wafuasi wa jakuon walikorogewa nini,hata uwe umesoma vipi jakuon akiongea akili huhamia matako