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  1. WuTang

    WuTang Village Sponsor

    Kipruto wins gold in 3000 m steeplechase. 800 m men's finals coming shortly.
  2. Mjuaji

    Mjuaji Village Elder

    Msito Kipruto

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  3. WuTang

    WuTang Village Sponsor

    Lakini anafaa aache showoff na utoto. Bett gets bronze in 800m.
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  4. vuja de

    vuja de Village Sponsor

    Alifunzwa hii tabia na Ezekiel Kemboi. I don't know why the coaches allow it
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  5. Nyamgondho

    Nyamgondho Village Elder

    No one told that to Bolt or Maurice Green yet we Kenyans are quick to castigate our own. I totally love it.
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  6. Grundy

    Grundy Village Elder

    Boss, just let the guy be. He totally deserves it.
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  7. vuja de

    vuja de Village Sponsor

    showboating on the track is dangerous, it could have cost him a win.

    showboating after the race is ok
  8. WuTang

    WuTang Village Sponsor

    Vile @vuja de 's amesema hapo juu.