Kenya our beautiful country


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Maasai Mara. Photo by @ArriveInKenya

Lake Michaelson, Mt. Kenya. Photo by @ArriveInKenya

Upperhill rising. The nairobi skyline is slowly becoming one to watch. Britam Tower

Beautiful of Nakuru plus its lake @kenyapics #Kenya #Nakuru

Wonderful view of Matthew's Range from Mount Ololokwe. @kenyapics

The falls now has some water. A closer shot

Sunset walks down the beach

Happy 18th Birthday @ElsasKopje!

Sunset over Nairobi City #obandaphotography


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This country is truly beautiful, and we would be in so much peace if Kikuyus would have remained in Congo Forest and Luos in upper Nile. Those 2 tribes are the achilles heel for Kenya