Kenya should follow same suit....

Funny. Tuseme If you want to be dropped at the JKIA from upperhill, I drive to town, take Thika road, Join Eastern Bypass, Tukifika Ruai Junction I take Kangundo road towards Njiru upto the Outering Road, then head towards Donholm, then turn towards Industrial Area joining Lunga Lunga Road then to Likoni road and then join Mombasa Road at Airtel.
Halafu Nikupeleke Airport.:D


Village Elder


Village Elder
I don't like using taxis.It's expensive,wastage of money and promotes insecurity.If i am not using my car to go where i am going.I will use matatu or walk.


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Forgive my mbirrionaire blondeness but si they charge on mileage so giving way at waiyaki way to a car parjed at westgate is wasting their own time and potential opportunity, ama?

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