kenyan females

Kenyan females are some bunch of dramatic women. Sometimes they confuse me and make me laugh all the time.

You WhatsApp some female she sees your text, reads it, gives you a several blue ticks and to her its okay. Its a normal thing to them no questions asked. Try to reciprocate that to them and she will be on your case like no one's business. She will be after you wanting to know why you blueticked her she will be like "Leon yaani uliniblue tick?? Mbona?? Ulisoma text yangu na huezi reply?". "Sikureply juu vidole zangu zilichoka kutype". BULLSHIT peleka upuss huko kwani lazima nireply text zako zote.

You go after a female showing interest in her determined to pin her down and she rejects you there and then. For them its normal for a lady to reject a guy. Try rejecting a lady and that's the day you will know that Ruai is much far in diaspora than Rongai. She will be very insecure infact she will be blowing up your phone ranting how useless you are not wanting her yet other men salivate for her and very ready to do anything for her. The fact is that females cant handle rejection they have this weird wiring of how we men are supposed to say yes to their advances without any questions.

That's Kenyan females for you!!