Kenyan man snatches woman he's never met from American husband - VIDEOS - Nairobi News

Muliona hii lini???

By: Evelyne Musambi
A 26 year-old Kisii man became the subject of conversation in the popular TV show Dr Phil after being caught in a hilarious love triangle with an American couple.

Kevin from Kisii appeared live on the show where he was begged by the man to not snatch his wife.

Soon after, she begun sex chatting African men, telling her husband he could never match the sex energy of an African man.
.... from dingoo ...

Hii tuliona kwa ngurario ya Wangu wa Makeri. It was the story making rounds amidst the incessant flow of Muratina and Mukimo.

Constipation hiyo siku nakwambia!
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