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Kenyan police incompetence

How can 5 murders in the same family all be unresolved? What is the work of police if for a murder case or several murder cases to be investigated to their logical conclusion, an entire family must be murdered?

Kiambu police commander Ali Nuno said the killers appear to have been on an elimination mission given that nothing was stolen from the home.
He added that detectives will also revisit past unsolved murder incidents that happened in the family, and maybe related to the latest murder.

Nuno indicated that this was the fifth incident in the Warunge family with the first involving Allan Warunge, a brother to Njoroge.
Allan was reportedly shot for the first time and confined to a wheelchair before he was killed in 2016. The second victim was Kenneth Mungai Warunge who was murdered alongside his niece thereafter.
“Kinyanjui Kamau, a family member was also killed in unclear circumstances,” said Nuno.