Kenyan scammers shine their eyes to 61 mirrion pale US


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Kenyan scammers found guilty of stealing Sh61m from US tech firm

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A US court has found a group of Kenyans guilty of defrauding a Northern Virginia locality of more than Sh60 million by pretending to be tech firm Dell workers.

Robert Muli, 60, who is an immigrant living in Ohio State, was arraigned on Monday as a ring leader who conspired with other Kenyans to defraud the US government.

A co-conspirator in Kenya would email a contact in the local government pretending to be an employee from Dell, the court was told.

Alternatively, they would call another contractor asking that payments be directed to a new bank account.

The kingpin, who was arrested a day before he flew to Kenya, would then withdraw that money and transfer it to various accounts.

Muli, who now stares at up to 20 years in prison, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit wire fraud and will be sentenced on October 4.

US government is said to have sent Sh130 million ($1.3 million) to Muli that was supposed to go to Dell for a public school programme, according to prosecutors.

The government was able to cancel about half the wire transfers sent.

The group also stole Sh13 million ($130,000) from the city of Detroit and $3,900 from the State of Vermont.



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1.3Million dollars na msee ako ndani 20 years pap.Hapa angepewa cash bail of like $10,000 and the case would drag.

Financial crime seems like the worst type of crime to commit in the US.Sentences ni heavy and justice is swift.Uncle Sam does not play around with his dollar bills
Huko you don't play with the feds. Conviction rate yao iko in the 90s. Ukiona the Akasha's fighting extradition wanajua chance ya kutoboa ni slim.


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Africans are generally very shortsighted. Sasa unasikia Trump anasaka immigrants mbaya mbofu then unajiingiza kwa mess. Wacha afungwe then arudishwe huku atusaidie kulipa deni ya tumbilee.


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walipewa 10 coz they coperated
They haven’t been sentenced. Their lawyer discovered that they were awaiting life sentences and postponed his plea arguments. 10 years is what they give street hustlers. Akashas are facing minimum 25. Federal sentencing guidelines are very rigid. Prosecutor recommended life sentences.