no! you still hold the record..
Believe me I cant talk nonstop for 30 minutes wah! Thats some serious talent. She's the holy grail of talk queen. Even Mutoko cant do half that time and she worked on radio, I felt thirsty and tired just listening to her.There's one for you if you're a man child its called James Karanu or something.

Tom Bayeye

Kinyozi wa Stima Jebedeyo
On safari, I just came across this and man had had to share, you think I have a big mouth, no I dont,here is someone who does.....

In the words of famous Mr crinkum crankum this hogwash is platitudinous,prosaic,bromidic yaani boring to death and zombified for good measure.She's too bland got bored from her voice at 1:15 with her ill-phrased or poorly-timed jokes.Its a roast for crying out loud ,not the spanish inquisition of who did what why when and how.No flow,keeps shifting from a roast to a shout out and plugging other videos ,no big mouth here,the oscar goes to you mama.10 points to Kemunto Bear though for her Big 'o' titties BBBBBBRRRRRRRRRBBBBBB!!!!! Didn't hear what she was on about


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Why all these whinin
When one gets to the US for a month or even a week, you either choose to do twang or a nasal. Otherwise you wont communicate, hautaeleweka(culture shock on you)