Baby Panay

Village Elder
I hear Kenyans ain't happy there are no women in the economic board. Personally, I have no problem with this board and I didn't notice that ladies were underrepresented.

Well, the feminazi were hawk eyed and are now making noises. They probably want women to be randomly picked and have some slots allocated to them.

"When shall we as a community let women fight for their places in the job market rather than giving them direct offers.Its about time we revolutinize this mediocrity once and for all."

Some women don't have what it takes. Look at Akombe, when shit got tough, she ran to another country. I rest my case. TMPDOODLE1511461270059.jpg


Village Chief
When the security forces (who are mostly men) go for operations against heavily armed battle hardened cattle rustlers and bandits, you will never hear of complaints about gender equality or under representation
Hata kazi ya unblocking sewers, kufanya kazi mortuary na kuingia manholes. Gender equality is never a factor.