kenyatalk @10,000

Kenyans love talking, the country’s top online discussion forum recently announced it has reached 10,000 registered and active users.
Speaking about the progress made, James, KenyaTalk’s Founder and CEO said, “We’ve put a lot of emphasis on our mobile experience and this has had a huge impact on our user acquisition. Additionally “Hekaya Section” and “TBT(Throw back Thursday)” which are recent additions to our website have been given their own sections on KenyaTalk in order for their fans to browse and contribute to them easily.”
These sections added user engagement, increased the site’s pageviews and making KenyaTalk grow into one of Kenya’s top discussion websites.
KenyaTalk continues to express optimism in future growth, as the rate of internet penetration in Kenya increases so will the demand for local content and this is the gap that KenyaTalk aims to fill.
KenyaTalk is one of Kenya’s success stories. With the collapse of *** and the shutdown and slow revival of Mashada, KenyaTalk quickly set up a home for local content, a gap the company felt existed and with great execution and team work plus patience, KenyaTalk has grown to what it is now and there have been rumors that it is looking for investors to raise money for expansion, this certainly looks like a good move seeing that Kenya’s internet user base grows day by day.
Kenyatalk is a site composed of many things, plenty of users, sure, but also the community that they’ve all built on their own. For the members of staff, this can mean a ton of headaches in the form of hate speech, tribalism, spam, harassment and cyber bullying, but it can also lead to things like random strangers helping each other and discussing about things they love in ways that they may not have access to in real life.

KenyaTalk houses a lot of Kenya’s digital history under one roof, and when it comes to building a space for so many of the Kenya’s interesting, deeply weird characters, we are left trying to make sure none of them break anything.

James = @Mundu Mulosi


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