Kenyatta University Riots??

Msome muache kisumbua. KU is for teaching, media and catering careers , just few units of grammar, social studies and social media kila time - na mnataka lecturer akae hapo akiexplain grammar? Jeez kids... Chomeni blocks polepole.
Sawasawa alumni wa Zetech.


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I have been to KU a few times this semester and to be honest the strike is legitimate. Those effin lectures have been on strike and they have not been going to teach. They drop zile handouts and disappear. Some have not even taught at all and the guys must do the main exam on 20th of this month. That is the defination of fucked up.
BTW hao masoja waliacha kusumbua ati "leta ID ya shule"?


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lecturers strike is on because the CBA was not honored. Why cant lecturers be paid well? Saitoti was really trying to make things better for them...You can imagine Magoha going to teach aspiring doctors and postgrads who are earning more than him as their lecturer...doesn't make sense
For the first time these kids are striking due to a genuine grievance..i support them,mbona ufanye mtihani na hata course outline hauna.


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Being a KU alumni I know way to well some of such strikes are fueled by the lecturer themselves. I recall Namwamba who was anti-Mugenda preach and spread the vice during the lectures with his 'philosophical' language. He smartly linked those @Rene Descartes lectures on meditation with the administration and it wasn't long shit happened.