Key vaccines expire, red tape at ministry to blame

Ned Stark

Village Elder

As patients went without vaccines in public hospitals, a six-tonne consignment of the drugs wasted away at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) for three years because government officials dithered over clearance.
Now the 6.1 tonnes of pentavalent – a vaccine meant to protect mothers and children against five potentially deadly diseases– has expired and will be destroyed.
The consignment of the vaccine that arrived at JKIA Swissport storage in 2017 wasted away due to bureaucracy and failure to pay clearance token fees.
The red tape could have denied many Kenyans immunisation against haemophilus influenza type B (the bacteria that causes meningitis, pneumonia and otitis media – ear infection), diptheria, whooping cough, hepatitis B, tetanus and other ailments.
Pentavalent, also known as Five-in-One, is a combination with of five vaccines.
The Nation obtained a copy of a confidential letter to Health Director-General Patrick Amoth late last month by the Pharmacy and Poisons Board (PPB), revealing the mess


Village Elder
This is unacceptable. How was the procurement done?
Senior management at the ministry of health failed Kenyan's and this led to loss of lives. It is a mockery to have Beyond Zero campaign when the government fails to play its part.


Village Elder
i have a feeling this will happen with the COVID vaccine.
itafika huku alafu kukue na shortage worldwide na kina countries zitatoa top dollar kupata hio vaccine. hivyo ndio consignment yote itapotea. (after they take a few for themselves and their families)