ki ki ki... my hekaya


Village Elder
Grace is a girl I was dating some years back after I moved to Embakasi. She was in high school then, and lived with her parents. Dating her was tricky, as she didn't have a phone and as you know, dating minors is by itself tricky especially for the few of us who treasure academic beards.
One day after I had just arrived at my favorite point where I went to play pool table, and greeted buddies outside there, I turned around just to find Grace chatting with my sis outside a salon on the opposite side. It was all coincidental. So my sis had been living here and had been a friend to Grace before I even relocated. But I didn't know all this...
I was glad to find that my sis was known to this girl, at least this would it easier for me to have her, as it would now be easier for her to trust me,cause she already trusted my sis. So I walked to say hi to them, especially my sis, whom I had not met for more than two years.
Grace had already seen me but my sis hadn't cause she was facing away from me all that time. But this was good to me, at least I would surprise her.
I reached where they were standing and called out the middle name of my sis from behind her... I also said a few more words in vernacular before she turned around to find it was me. I had struggled for some time to have Grace but now I was like telling her... welcome to our family joh, sis atakuleta home wacha nikajenge joh...
But wait... I had just done one of the biggest mistakes. Sis could not withstand this... She faced me and confronted me harshly, "husiwahi niita hayo majina ya home ama uniogeleahe vernacular in Nairobi. You don't even care I could be talking to a person that I really respect! We ni kukuja tu ukiniita majina ya nyumbani alaf unaniogelesha vernacular." I didn't know if that could offend her to that extend. Lakini nawaambia, she really embarrassed me in front of that chick. Within me I could find the courage go ahead and greet Grace or even say anything back to my sis. I was so embarrassed and just had to walk away. Actually, this meant the grave for Grace. Sis disappointed.
But let me just open up... Grace was a form 3 student in a school I had just left after teaching there for one term. She is from the same tribe as us and this day, This day my sis respected my student more than she did to me... but mwanafunzi hakujua I am a bro her friend and sis didn't know I was katiaring her friend.

Since that day I've never wanted to meet sis again, and actually we've never met until today after she has insisted we meet for some time.
So we agreed to meet in town today. She arrived before and waited for more than an hour before I could reach there. When I arrived she led me to a restaurant along Tom Mboya Av. She gave her order and asked me to order too. But I was afraid, sis sucks anytime... So cause I didn't have much money myself I decided to order for only what I could pay for, in case sis chooses to disappoint. So I ordered for soda as she ate her chicken. She tried hard to make me eat but I couldn't, I even lied to her that I had a toothache.
After that she paid the bills and we parted.
Mi nikafika kwangu and cause I was hungry, I went to my favorite hotel nikasema nichomewe mandazi nne. Mandazi za huku ni noma sana, utadhania zimepikwa na used engine oil, lakini zinashibisha kama kuku tu