Kidero for Homabay Governor


Kidero is a sharp thug ,now that Raira will be extinct in the next few years , ameji strategize with a rural gavanaship , hio kiti ya Luo kingpin watapigania na Obado
Kidero can afford to win there. Hii Kenya politics is big business and Kidero anafika bei. Morals be damned. He can buy his way and the people of Homabay will be none the wiser.
That story is replicated everywhere in Vumbistan.

The functionally illietrate Babayao was an Mpig in Nairobi and got elected as a governor in the supposedly second richest county, Kiambu, in Kenya. Guess they were the "wiser"? :rolleyes:

Get off your high horse. Same monkeys, different forests.


Village Commissioner
He milked Nairobi county dry. Why couldn't he do those things in the capital? This is just a thug positioning himself to ravage another county.