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  1. Gustavo

    Gustavo Senior Villager

    umejaribu NV but hekaya haina translation zote...mean while tafuta kiti apa ukae
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  2. Captain284

    Captain284 Village Elder

    asande sana SV. translation nitarekebisha
  3. Baby Daddy

    Baby Daddy Senior Villager

    Hahahaha! Tumanyungurus ni nini sasa?


    Thekido ka!

    I also went to a polling station na languages didn't matter that much... Enjoy the memories!
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  4. Captain284

    Captain284 Village Elder

    tumanyungurus ni tumakalio.
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  5. Baby Daddy

    Baby Daddy Senior Villager

    You people!

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  6. introvert

    introvert Village Sponsor

    You have funny stories my fren.
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  7. Cloud 9

    Cloud 9 Villager

    looool Heromere matharovujisa....."
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  8. Captain284

    Captain284 Village Elder

    Pre fora sinas. Nao adi the time of awa ded aaaammme
  9. pamba

    pamba Village Sponsor

    Hekaya iko chonjo ,nimeisoma huko kwa mukuru wa zukupaka kwanza the first person to reply nimeona ni talker common.
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