Senior Villager
A small dusty town in the county of Narok, culture rich with pussies from from the kisiis(really cheap and affordable), Luos ,maasais and vastly kales . When I was around I asked the nduthi guy aka my tour guide anipeleke kwenye chuom za musufferrer aka jugg Daniels pits..(heart of any town is always defined by its lowest sectors) .OK so the kawasaki guy cruised me to 'majengo' sexshan, a place for no faint of the heart, I remember twas around 10 in the morning when he dropped me off in one of the keg spots , "eeh ndauwo mi nipe zangu mi sikai huko"
I obliged without asking much cause I could already see some fatties stratting up and about, mjuols already catching mafeelings, as he ngurumishad his nduthi he left me with a word of advice " Eroo chunga usipatikane majengo usiku usiku"
I knew how the story goes ...muggers , mchele etcetera..
I knew the locals could sense I didn't belong what with the shifty eye movements they gave me , kwani iko nini ! Riddled with which den to head into I got onto my phone trying to buy time next to some old Man's kibanda, dunno how he read my motives but I just heard him cough as he uttered
"Kijana ingia kwa ile, iko wamama nono nono wasafi sana ,"