Stereotypes aren't always true, but they don't lie, i mean if you think of it people who have grown together in a particular area should have at least identical behaviors as environment is the biggest contributing factor to behavioral patterns. In my life i have classified girls who i met into different tribes and placed them in particular order in my alpha-male hierarchy. Lets begin,


KIKUYU-CLOSE FRIEND poor girl friend material,does anything for financial benefit(siendelei you know the rest). Shes well connected though thats why she should be kept as a close friend. I have done my cost benefit analysis and its not worth it dating a kikuyu chick bang them no (PLEASE never do unless its a whore, they weirdly get pregnant like marry mother of Jesus, and sex means FAVOURS(rent,food,blablabla)) THEY KILL TOO.

KAMBA/KISII-f**k BUDDY should i explain this, do not date this girls their legs never stay closed, keep her as a f**k buddy and bro you will never regret.

LUO/KALENJIN/POKOT/GIRIAMA-SISTER ZONE this are the local beta girls, ugly , i have never fucked one they is no way am fucking the lowest quality pu**y as alpha just NO

TAITA- GIRLFRIEND light skin, flut tummy, curvy, respectful, enjoy being housewives.............
MAASAI- 2ND GIRLFRIEND extremely respectful, do house duties, the problem is they are skinny for guys who like curvy girls and IQ nikama ya gorilla.
SOMALI- NOGOZONE they disgust me, smelly, fat, loose pu**y disgusting!!!!
MERU- SPEED-DIAL i don't know why but they are always single, always.

more research needed to be continued
i do agree that i don't keep a girl past 3 fucks(2 weeks) so i rarely get to know them well(and i never will)... however these are my opinions
semeni zenu
@forestmonkey would have expected an analysis on Ibean Yellow baboons,Eastern Pattas monkeys,DeBrazza monkeys,Kenya Lesser Galago,TanaRiver Managbey, among others.
But I see you have reclassified and renamed the your fellow monkeys. Issorait


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kama hujafuck Mluhya then you are Still a virgin ...They hold the second position in bedroom matters after the famed kamba damsels ..