KISAUNI (visa vya uhuni)

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Meria Mata

Elder Statesman
Visa vya uhuni is the original name of the area before it evolved to Kisauni, crime rate is so high and the gava seems powerless or unwilling to stop/stem. Most of the crime is blamed on Tejas (Ask @mabenda4 for the defination) who are ruthless and will stab you for a miserly 20 bob coin to get money for their daily fix. Everyone knows that they are thieves and politicians use them during their rallies and they seem to be above the law.
See what they did to this poor guy just because of an S2 phone, he lost a lot of blood and needed two pints in hospital and he is out of danger.
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I lived in kisauni. mwandoni area for 1yr en am quit familiar with tejas,bt they used to be very coward guys mijority frm arab countries with no legal documents am suprised kuona. wamefika kiwango ya kutumia kisu
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