Kissing with "morning breath

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It is difficult to enjoy the romance of sleepovers with your significant other when you are worried about unbecoming mouth odor in the morning. Although it sounds like you already practice oral health habits that would limit your chances of awaking your boyfriend with dragon breath, here are a couple of additional breath and spirit-refreshing ideas that you did not mention:
Continue to drink plenty of water throughout the day as well as right before bed to prevent bad breath from dehydration.
Experiment with cutting out coffee, other strong drinks, or pungent foods (like onions or garlic) to see if your breath improves.
If you're not doing so already, brush your teeth with toothpaste and floss before you go to bed. Or try adding a minty mouthwash to your routine. This can prevent food particles from stewing for eight hours and adding to normal A.M. smells.
Similarly, how about stowing some mints or a piece of gum at your bedside? Then, when you wake up, you can pop one in and lay one on without ever leaving the mattress.
You might also consider trying a (closed-mouth) peck on the cheek or mouth as the extent of your wake-up call.
Sacrificing the rewards from nights in your boyfriend's arms because of natural oral odor seems like a very high price to pay. "Morning breath" is about as common as bed-head, so a little mouth-to-mouth talk with your partner about your concerns probably won't come as a distasteful surprise to him, and just might help to clear your mind, too. Who knows, your beau's morning breath might make you think your breath smells fresh and clean! Whatever you come up with as an oral solution, discussing your fears may limit your need to arise early to brush.


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I used to kiss in the morning but nowdays I cant. Bacteria Galore. U gotta brush your teeth first before kissing me.


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My sweetheart got me to use mouthwash... Apparently toothpaste wasn't enough for me. Ever since I started, I've always wondered how I used to survive without the mouthwash. Now I don't feel uncomfortable with the random munjus or chitchat in the middle of the night or in the morning, before shower/breakfast. Yeah @g** I agree, bad breath can kill those intimate moments.
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