Kisum siti on the rise. Njaruo on the rise. Clean city.

This is a step in the right direction though much neeeds to be done. It happened tht i attended a conference ( Univesal health conference) at the Grand Royal SWISS hotel some time back. A comparison with other hotels is tht they need to do more in terms of customer care. Also most of the time i could see water bowser bringing water to the hotel daily. One wonders why the sophistication yet they cant hack the water thing!!. The other thing is could hear people say its associated with Baba. This isnt a good thing mostly in a country tht is political. It needs to delink from baba


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They are banking on property price rises. If you invest 5m, and property value rises 20% per year, you have at least 15% Return on Investment per year. This is itself a saleable asset. In fact that’s how they sell malls.
Hio 5 mirrion ni part ownership like a share ama nyumba moja ni yako


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That area around riat hills will look like a peasants version of Beverly Hills in the next 15 years ......the area is growing quite fast
With proper planning and infrastructure, Luo birrionaires wakiangusha nyumba huko inaweza kaa kama Hollywood Hills. Uhuru ako na shamba ya handshake next to Raila's