Kiunjuri vs Mtu Wetu Maize Traders


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So Kiunjuri is has been submitting about the NCPB thuggery pale Parliament.

You can see the thugs interjecting his every revelation and way-forward. Chris Wamalwa ameingia saa hii na kumwambia astep down.

The only genuine person in that committee seems to be Kiunjuri and the lady MP from Samburu.


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I'm watching it as well. The MP's should let CS Kiunjuri speak since that's why they called him to testify. At that committee everything he says is privileged information that he can't sued for. But I also think they had already conditioned their mind to one line of thought and anything else upsets them.
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I am not surprised at all, all these summonses and grilling of individuals is meant to muddle the scandals and hand the culprits an escape route. It has happened before and it is happening now.