klost vs ktalk

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am not here to praise our admin or lick the moderators boots,but, mgala muue na haki umpe....this site is a million times better than klost....

i have been here since early January,and none of my listings has been deactivated,although i might be wrong,i have never heard any member complaining about listings disappearance or malicious suspension....

with all those Barbaric rules and regulation,the admin (r.i.p) and his gang could not control xxx rated materials...the momo diary always go it its way into posting those...omg pictures.....but here and with presence of sex and relationship section people are free to post photos and videos of their choice,and rarely do they post extra dirty materials....enyewe ,those rules and evil moderators MADE THE VILLAGE WORSE..............SO LONG KLOST

now,am home,my favorite section is news and politics....my favorite villager is zarina

yours,wonderful,wondering wonder.


time has a way of wrinkling a once smooth cheek. give it time bro. while zikifungwa the admins will be shooting down posts right left andcentre ..
Tou will attend your daughter's wedding while still waiting for that. Bookmark this.

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Klost moderators (not all bt some) who misused power given to them by Wanderi were killing Klist slowly. Haingelast for long..trust me 2015 ilikuwa mwisho yake. if u can remember during weekends ungepata only 4 lstings per day na niza upuzi ,,,pple had started quiting Klost.some unannounced while some would post a listing saying they were quitting. I mean u pay for yr bundles or internet fees bt some one some where jus bcoz ana powers wants to control u like a mtoi. shindwe


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to maintain order, some posts need shooting down. am not a doom Sayer though. Ktalk is in its infancy headed to greatness. we need to set the standards early enough to get there. been here a week and, Lod ha masy, its on my speed dial. its never the village, its the villagers.
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