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this is exactly what @spear has been saying,..we can't just yap that we need electric trains and we continue having blackouts that affect nearly half of the country for hours,
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True, said it over and over. However this is an embarrassing moment for GoK to be frank. Clearly Ketraco needs to totally take over from Kenya Power all high voltage power lines distribution in Kenya and upgrade it completely. That said parts of Nairobi was saved from the blackout due to the new high voltage lines being built around Nairobi City as a backup. If one section loses power, the other sections remain intact and reroutes the power to prevent complete blackout of the city. That network interlinks the base stations in the city and rerouting power is easier as restorations continue.

Tonight CS Keter has been in the national power control centre to monitor the restoration.
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What happened to the liberalization of the power sector?? We can't just have one company supplying the whole of Kenya with electricity. We need to have at least 3 0r 4 new suppliers to take over from the very broken and bloated KPLC.

Secondly, this thing with monkeys they have made technology that stops monkeys from interfering with electrical grids. Reminds of a video from Japan of a monkey jumping on the electrical cables without it being electrocuted and causing a major blackout.

Monkeys are electrocuted when they form a circuit between parallel power lines, or when the branches and vines of the trees tat form part of the monkeys’ habitats grow out and touch a high voltage line or a transformer. Electrocutions are either lethal or horribly crippling.

The groups involved in preventing electrocutions call for the following measures to be implemented by the electrical utilities as the country is pushed further into development:

  • Burying all lines and transformers
  • Shielding and insulating all high tension lines
  • Installing bridges that monkeys and other arboreal species can use to move around while avoiding power lines
  • Keeping branches and vines away from live power lines and transformers


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Duru za kuaminika zasema @GeorginaMakena baada ya kuambiwa na KPLC atembeze kiatu after Discovery yake kuangukiwa na mlingoti wa power
.we can't just yap that we need electric trains and we continue having blackouts that affect nearly half of the country for hours
Naona hiyo SGR ibaki tu diesel otherwise siku moja watu watalala juu ya overpass Tsavo.