KRA Returns Deadline is here- 30th June. Have you filed Returns? SEE Easy Way!

i tax ikileta connections error ina maanisha nini
Could you be entering the wrong details?
Or, is your internet connection quick enough?
Those are the errors that you could get from your end.

Otherwise, others are quite technical and could be a failure on KRA's website's part.
For now, concentrate on checking what's wrong on your side.. the internet connection, or/and the correct details.

Ikikusumbua, try clearing cache from your browser and try again.
And if anything, log on to for assistance
Hata mimi. Huduma cenda ni free.
Fanya hivi..the easiest way....enda Huduma Center....pick a ticket...chukua chuani ama mia...conceal the note by wrapping it with the ticket...identify one of the clerks who looks corruptible(in any case all are corruptible)...hand over the ticket with ua p9(hii ndio lugha wanaelewa)....after jst five minutes u ll be on ua way out kuendelea kujenga queeing no waiting....thank me later...have done that twice..last year n this year!!