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Meria Mata

Elder Statesman
The year is 1953 and everyone in this village is involved in the freedom struggle in one way or another. Here are the leading players.


1. @FieldMarshal CouchP : Highly respected military strategist (muchori), fought in Burma and inner Mongolia. Hakuna mtu ashawai kumshinda draft (dama)

2. @Ka-Buda: Widely travelled and very experienced procurement guy. Joined the struggle coz of the prospect of free pu**y. Much loved by his men coz of his ending randy tales. Great motivator and optimist.

3. @Wakanyama: Most feared guy in the forest, if he is after you start running and don’t stop or dig a deep hole and bury yourself. His reputation precedes him, it is rumoured he learnt his unenviable skills when he was a hse boy at a mzungu farm. He has never lost a battle.

4. @ekamsweu : Cunning, intelligent and highly educated. His greatest strength is playing dumb and stupid.

5. @Nefertities: No nonsense warrior who goes for the jugular. Don’t be fooled by her looks, underneath the jungle fatigues is one battle hardened sniper. COuch and Kabuda are known to have made advances under the pretext of merging forces but this have been brushed aside.


1. @4makind d
2. @Luther12
3. @Purr_27
4. @xuma
5. @Wu Tang
6. @Bhangi Iwe Huru
7. @The Black Templar
8. @mabenda4


1. Paramount Chief @ol monk

2. Chief @Electronics 4U: (MauMau sympathizer, he supplies them with bullets)

3. Sub Chief Mundu Mulost: Has no idea whats going on

4. Headman @Deorro

THE HOMEGUARDS (Kamatimu – They cant be trusted with a gun)

1. @123tokambio: like the name says he is very gd at running, running away from danger, he has huge nostrils which can smell danger from kilometers away and promptly disappears only to reappear later and claim victory. He is a coward.

2. @Webdev: illiterate sadist who loves torturing prisoners. It is believed he was sexually abused when he was a pre teen.

3. @junkie: used to work with Wakanyama at the mzungu farm. For reasons unknown other guards and even his seniors are terrified of him

4. @Jirani: Cunning bastard who DFHKM all women in the village, even the wives of guys who have gone to the forest . A reward of 10 herd of cattle has been placed on his head for the one who gets him and hands him over to Wakanyama

The KAR (Kenya African Rifles)
1. @Gecko Moriah
2. @JOHN Doe
3. @village robot
4. @stunner
5. Kush yule Mfat
6. @cortedivoire
7. @Tirintiondo
8. @Mollisleroaded
9. @nyanyako
10. @pipinono
Mbisha sina
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Nani ako Na ile picha ma KARs Na homeguards wakipitia mbele ya ma general as they head to war? On coming back Gecko Moriah,jirani Na webdev wamekufa. Kush yule mnono hana ma kei, Tiritiondo hana ..jicho Na mguu WA left. Tokambio Na Twangapepeta ndiyo Tu wako serviceable tho vidole zao za gumba zimekatwa. Wanapitia mbele ya the same generals but who are now fully decorated after the war
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