Ktalk 2017 Nominations


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The end of yr 2017 is just around the corner and its that time again we nominate peeps for the various awards za kijiji, feel free to add more.
1. POYA. (post of the year). @Yollo took us all on a memorable SGR ride na hio siku the new train broke down at Kibwezi and we were all delayed for an hr.
@Meria Mata took a dump in the bush and got a lover (some guys are lucky, ama ni madawa)
2. HOYA. (Hekaya of the year) a Queen of hekaya @pseudonym has emerged from the depths of the world wide web, this damsel is gd at what she does, her two hekas so far are right there at the top of the list and no 3 hekaya in the series is the most anticipated hekaya since since ktalk was born
@Meria Mata also has a contender with his Biopsy series, last I checked we were at Biopsy part 15
3. MOYA (Matusi of the year) angusheni zile mumeona
4. SOYA (Sweep of the year) hii will win hands down. sitaitaja, you all know it
add more categories and nominate your entries.
supreme court will meet from December 1 and ruling will be read after 3 weeks.
Judges decision will be final.