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  1. aviator

    aviator Village Elder

    I discovered that the language we speak in KTalk is so much unique and thus foreign to many people out there. For posterity, it will be good to compile a dictionary that future generations can refer when they discover some literature from KTalk 2 million years from now.

    So, good people, help me compile the dictionary.

    1) Hekaya
    Unsubstantiated shiet. A story with no legs. Lacking mbisha, findio, skechi, thermal image or other supporting documents.
    First Use: Aviator, 2014

    2) Mabenda4 Act
    An act of KTalk requiring all hekayas to have a graphical description of the act of copulation.
    First use: @mabenda4, 2016

    3) Monkey Trader
    A perennial loser. Also a master of hekayas. The grand demonstrator.
    First use: @zachary, 2016
    See also: babuoon

    4) Kungu
    (of a person) creating a false picture of who they are, especially in krost or KTalk.
    Example: Most Ktalk mbirioneyyas are kungus.
    First Use: @KUNGU THE PILOT, 2014

    5) Coomer
    The female genitalia
    Example: Old mangi has never and will never taste @Guru's coomer
    First Use: @cumalava, 2014

    6) Threshold
    The standard number of shots a talker is expected to give during muclimbano.
    See also: Seven
    First use: @rollout

    7) Bukusu Shephart
    A (legendary) black skinny mongrel, especially one owned by a proud owner of a (legendary) BMW X6. Mainly used to guard slums in kayole and the neighborhood.
    First use: @uwesmake, 2016

    8) Mkia
    The female anal cavity, in relation to sexual activities.
    Example: @Deorro df'ed @Nefertities kwa mkia, but did not attain the threshold.
    See also: Settings
    First use: @Tommy Lee Sparta , 2015

    9) Waweru
    a) adjective
    (of a man) preferring to penetrate fellow men,
    See also: Gay
    First use: @Ka-Buda, 2015
    b) verb
    To try and penetrate a man in the arsehole
    First use: @Ka-Buda, 2015​

    The female rear supporting documents.
    Example: Yesterday was matacore Tuesday
    First use: @hakimoto, 2016

    11) Slice
    Hit and run.
    Example: @FieldMarshal CouchP alipewa slices zake na singo matha mkamba huko rusengeti.
    First use: @Ice_Cube, 2016

    12) Checki Maneno
    Taking photos of bikes indicating where it was taken

    First use: @The.Black.Templar, 2015

    13) Washa Nduthi
    The act of copulating with Palmella. Hand to genitalia motion with assistance from Arimis.
    Hand-to-gland combat with assistance of mpenzi Arimis.
    Example: @kush yule mnono is the founding father of the nduthi Sacco.
    First use: @kush yule mnono, 2014
    See also: kawasaki, strangle the bishop

    14) Hapan Tambua
    Of a chokosh to refuse to recognize another chokosh's contribution.

    First use: @Jirani, 2015

    Example: Mzito blaze aliletea wamama wengine umeffi hapa ujeru...
    First use: @Jirani, 2016

    16) Chockosh wars
    Online brawls
    First use: @KTalkvilleWeekly , 2016

    17) kikikikiiiii
    A devilish laughter, especially one practiced by Wawerus.
    First use: @Ka-Buda, 2016

    People from Kamba land, especially singo mathas.
    First use: @vuja de, 2014

    19)Shine eyes
    Looking at something gleefully with the intention of taking it
    First use: @Jirani, 2015
    See also: Shiny eyes, meno brown

    20) Mungikiress
    Women from Kikuyu community
    Example: wewe mungikiress @Supu don usilete umeffi hapa.
    First use: @Jirani 2015

    21)Shinny eyes
    A thiefing brown-toothed chockosh of greek origin. A tyrant from centro with appetite for other peoples property.
    First use @Jirani, 2015

    22) Corinthian
    A smelly mungikiress with a religious gear on her head
    Example: The Atheist is yet to finish the corinthian series.
    First use: @the_atheist, 2014

    23) Kukamuaaaa,
    Orgasm after sex or nduthi.
    First use: @uwesmake, 2015

    24) Nyoka
    A woman in the process of receiving the threshold.
    Example: @uwesmake tuwekee mbisha ukikamua nyoka.
    First use: @uwesmake, 2014

    25) Shemale
    Aviator's and @msalame grace 's gender
    Example: Shemale aviator wacha kutusumbua.
    First Use: @uwesmake, 2015

    26) Fathom
    An expletive by chokosh on chokosh who bring umeffi
    Example: Toka hapa fathom wewe
    First use: @Luther12 , 2014

    27) MMNN
    Abbreviation for Meria Mata News Network.
    The official KTalk news agency.
    Example: Chokosh @MwanaWaAfrika does not know what MMNN stands for.
    First Use: @Meria Mata , 2014

    28) Napenda sana
    (of a talker) liking a certain post. Approval.
    Example: napenda sana.
    First use @This is Gold / jerry and group of handles

    29) Mzee Abdalla
    a) The male genitalia
    b) @Lab's employer​
    Example: @Ka-Buda's Mzee abdalla refused to take orders even after thorough provocation by mungikiress @spax.
    First Use: @Shabba Ranks , 2015

    30) Osungu.dll
    you and English language are not friends
    eg @Wakanyama na osungu.dll hawapatanii kamwe
    First use????

    31) Chieth
    A curse word. Chokosh version of the word shit. Used to avoid censorship by @admin
    First Use: @uwesmake, 2015

    32) Ndege
    A variant of the missionary sexual style where a man on top of a mbish is thrown high in the air (roughly 7ft) and comes down aiming his abdalla directly into the lady's coomer. Ole wako ukihata.
    First use: @mayekeke , 2016

    33) Mbirioneas
    A talker living above the poverty line.
    First use: @Web Dev , 2015

    34) Peasant
    A talker living below the poverty line.
    Example: ktalk mbirrionares hawatambui Ruaka kwa peasants
    First use: @Web Dev , 2015

    35) Keti pale--------------------------------->
    The act of welcoming an NV into Ktalk.
    First use: @Jirani, 2016

    36) kienyeji
    Local pussyholder
    Example: momo diaries used to be interesting until that chokosh stopped posting kienyejis
    First use: ????

    An indefinite ban from the village by the admean
    First use: Aviator, 2016

    38) Ferk
    Curse, express displeasure. Widely used during revolutions.
    Example: #FerkAdmin
    First Use: @FieldMarshal CouchP , 2015
    b) Verb
    Act of copulation. Also Ferck. An uneditable version of f**k.
    First use: @It's Le Scumbag , 2014

    39) Koraborator
    Used to describe talkers who did not participate in the #FerkAdmean movement.
    See also home guard.
    First use: @Young, 2016

    40) pepeta
    Ferk like a rabbit: Usually said by a pussyholder to encourage the ferker to work harder in chasing the threshold.
    First use: @kingolonde , 2016

    41) Owescrik
    of talkers) refusing to click on links, ever
    Example, kama hakuna quma, owescrik
    First use: Unknown
    See also akanyalclick

    42) Mharo
    Mpasho and other gossip sites
    Example: Hatuwescrick mharo ya KichwaKibov
    First use: Unknown

    43) Ktalk csi
    The intelligence wing of ktalk. Used to flash out phony hekayas.
    e.g @KUNGU THE PILOT was found out to be a fake after ktalk CSI @Okiya found the source of his mbishas online!
    First use: unknown

    44) Sweetness and niceness
    Making love in a romantic way
    Example: @Jirani dreamt of giving @purr 27 all the sweetness and niceness while she purred?
    First use: @Jirani, 2015

    46) Mc Agary
    Male genitals. Also Dingleberries, bolingo, mabengo, nuts
    First use: @Jazzman 2015

    47) Kawasaki Ninja
    A person experienced in the art of hand to gland combat and a high ranking official of Kawasaki Regiment, Ktalk Defence Force.
    First use: @Jazzman 2015

    48) Jincheng Jangili
    A person who will washa nduthi using the crudest of methods e.g use of kimbo or a rough hand.
    First use: @Jazzman 2016

    49) Terminator Style
    Of a sex style, being rough and not gentle. Opposite of sweetness and niceness
    First use: @Mr Black , 2016

    50) Import
    A singo madha, preferrably a kienyeji, invited by a veined tree holder for a sex in a far-away place.
    Example, import ya MM imechelewa pale mtito ikielekea mambatha.
    First use: @Meria Mata , 2015

    Malaysian. Woman of loose knickers.
    First use: @mabenda4, 2016

    52) Yellow yellow
    Beautiful, esp an import
    Example: Mafisi used to think @Chloe is yellow yellow until she posted a pic plastering @Wakanyama's pigsty.
    First use: @wanjohi wa kigogoine, 2014

    53) Mafisi
    A team founded by uwesmake that climbes anything with a whole.
    Example: Some fisis here can climb even marsupials
    First use: @Ka-Buda, 2014

    54) Fisiology
    The branch of science that deals with the study of mafisi's behaviour.
    See also fisibility studies
    First use: unknown, 2016

    55) Ota
    Combining form
    A prefix added to a person's name whose intent is to show the guy is mshamba
    First Use: @Nefertities, 2015

    56) Cantilever
    Appear or disappear suddenly from/to nowhere.
    Example: Ahem. Finally nime-cantilever hapa hivi at some ungodly hour.
    First Use: @Luther12, 2015

    57) Recycle.exe
    Something that has been posted by someone before, yet some idiot posts it again.
    First use: unknown

    58) Mbleina
    A stupid person. Dolt.
    Example: Huyu @Fisiologist ni mbleina kabisaa aketi hukooooooo
    First use: @Jirani, 2016

    59)Kuku na kifaranga
    A sexy milf with her sexy daughter who look ferkable as hell and are every young man’s fantasy
    to bed them both.
    First use: @@uwesmake 2014

    60) Seven, 7

    KTalk magic number. The Threshold. The minimum shots a talker is expected to dish to a
    pussyholder. The minimum dicksize of talkers.
    First use: @rollout, 2016

    61) Team Patco
    Any male talker whose d*ck size is below the threshold.

    Example: It is suspected that @Gio’s permanent chairmanship of the FZM is as a result of being
    Team Patco
    First use: @Msuper, 2014

    62) Gari kulala parking
    The act of copulation.
    Example: For @Kidinyi, gari lazima ingelala parking daily, hata kama ni kwa kisokorokwinyo.
    First use: @Shabba Ranks, 2015

    63) ES
    Elder statesman, a title given to @Meria Mata in recognition of his contribution to KTalk. Later
    withdrawn during the #FerkAdmin revolution.
    First Use: Meria Mata, 2016

    64) Veined tree holder
    A fisi whose dcik meets the threshold. Usually masquerading as a quail.
    Example: Wewe endelea kukatia @Purr_27, and most likely ni veined tree holder
    First Use: @wanjohi kigogoine, 2014

    65) Puthy
    A variant of the word pu**y, used to evade censorship by admean.
    See also: kanyau
    First use:???

    66) Upussy
    Schupidity. Ufala.
    Example: @Fala 12 uko na upussy sana.
    First use: @Jirani, 2015

    67) Mandazi moto
    A codeword for e-newspapers developed after the media houses started umbleina.
    First use: @highschooler, 2016

    68) Grannylingus: noun
    To lick and suck the genitals of a old woman/shosh
    @Jirani performed grannylingus on the german woman on her sitting room floor.
    Origin: @nairobilay (2016)

    69) UOTP - Uhuru One Term President

    70) RWNBP -
    Raira wirro nefa be plesident

    71) Onion Rings

    Meaning ~ Slices or Coomer that makes you shed a tear of joy as you feel a burning sensation in your eyes

    Usage ~ I need my sandwich and onion rings woman

    First User ~ @Some Say

    Inspired by ~ @john doe hekaya

    Mwaga Cum Atulie
    @Tommy Lee Sparta March 2017

    73) Mc Agary -Noun
    Male genitals. Also Dingleberries, bolingo, mabengo, nuts
    First use: @Jazzman 2015

    74) Deer - Noun
    an endearing term used when luring a potential nyoka
    Example - My deer nitumie picha ya Makucha tu nisafishe mecho
    First Use: @uwesmake 2017

    75) Rhino- Noun
    A slain Momo in a mancave
    First use - @uwesmake

    Birkini Bag - Noun
    An expensive bag used by Ktalk slay queen. Legend has it that one bag is worth more than 3 Matatus
    First Use- @DeliciousShiko

    75) Nanok Knees - Adjective
    A pose used by Ktalk slay queen to enhance their looks
    First Use: @Luther12 but enhanced by @introvert

    76) Kunguru - Noun
    A lady who is never satisfied with one Mzee Abdallah and will even cheat on you with your Gateman even after depositing one billion to her bank account
    First use - @pamba 2015

    77) Shexpat: noun
    A lady expatriate working abroad and well versed in servicing your needs
    Example: Kush doesnt need to wakisha nduthi because his shexpat Waithelelo is around.

    First use: @Miss Finest Wine , September 2017.
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    kingolonde Village Elder

    :D:D:D:D:D Blood intelligent and witty.
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  3. blueline

    blueline Village Elder

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  4. aviator

    aviator Village Elder

    peana definitions bwana.
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  5. The_Virus

    The_Virus Village Elder

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  6. Some Say

    Some Say Village Elder

    7) Bukusu Shephart
    A (legendary) black skinny mongrel, especially one owned by a proud owner of a (legendary) BMW X6. Mainly used to guard slums in kayole and the neighborhood.
    First use : @uwesmake , 2017

    2017 ni next year my dear
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  7. Gio

    Gio Village Elder


    6) Threshold
    The standard number of shots a talker is expected to
    give during muclimbano.
    See also: Seven
    First use: ???? @rollout
  8. aviator

    aviator Village Elder

  9. aviator

    aviator Village Elder

    Thanks. Fixed
  10. Gio

    Gio Village Elder

    6) Checki Maneno
    Taking photos of bikes indicating where it was taken

    First use: @The.Black.Templar
  11. aviator

    aviator Village Elder

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  12. aviator

    aviator Village Elder

    Hebu nikumbushe definition. i remember the word was common in Krost. Also wherewithal. Both originated with @mabenda4
  13. Gio

    Gio Village Elder

    6) Kuwasha Nduthi
    The hand to genitalia motion with assistance from Arimis

    First use: @kush yule mnono
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  14. hakimoto

    hakimoto Village Elder

    am the first user of the word Io matter-core,
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  15. aviator

    aviator Village Elder

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  16. Gio

    Gio Village Elder

    6) Hapan Tambua
    We do not recognize

    First use: ????


    First use: @Jirani

    Chockosh wars
    Online brawls

    First use: ????
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  17. Dunya

    Dunya Village Elder

    20) kikikikiiiii
    First use: Waweru's slice, 2016
  18. Afro

    Afro Village Elder

    Nipewe definition ya 'Shiny eyes'
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  19. mabenda4

    mabenda4 Village Elder

    Hehehe. Tuchague an Etymology committee for Ktalk Dictionary
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  20. Gio

    Gio Village Elder

    People from Kamba land

    First use: @vuja de????

    Shining eyes
    Looking at something gleefully with the intention of taking it

    First use: @Jirani????

    6) Mungikiress
    Women from Kikuyu community

    First use: @Jirani ???? shit, this nigga has contributed a lot to the language here.

    Nacheka peke yangu kazini
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