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Goodmorning gentlemen and ladies am proposing that on saturday 20th july 2015 we
Meet and get acquinted to one another. Having conducted an informal poll that was commissioned by your truly @imei2012 i came to the following conclusions:
1.60% of ktalkers live along thika road from kahawa,githurai,roysambu,kasa,allsops all the way to ngara.
2. 90% live in nairobi
3. The rest are spread all over the republic.

In light of the above i propose we meet in a restaurant pub or bar along the the highway that will be proposed by talkers.

To safeguard the privacy and annonimity of talkers the following safety measures will be undertaken:
1. Only villagers of the rank of senior villagers and above are invited they include mods. New villagers kindly keep off and they are not allowed within the 10km radius of the chosen
2. Only identities used on the site will be admissable.
3. Smartphones will be nicely be tucked away and cameras not allowed at whatever expense
these being mature listers they are expected to carry out themselves with decorum

Those intrested drop your numbers at
imei2012(at)rocketmail.com and i will get in touch


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Do people ever meet?

Ama ni kupiga domo tu?
It will never happen, remember back in Klist mabenda volunteering some goats for a Christmas party? I told him he was wasting his time and he wasn't too happy with me. Did it ever happen? All those who had confirmed attendance strangely went MIA as the due date approached.
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