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Standard Group will launch a 24 hour news channel (KTN2) tonight. I watched the intro yesterday and started wondering what will happen to news on KTN1. Is this not duplication of effort/roles?
I would have wished to see a channel like what KTN used to be: great comedies, series, sport and movies.(my opinion)
I guess there is a lot to be covered in human interest stories even away from the news....a news segment is only at most 1 hour long combining politics,sports,business, local news, world news, bulletins, satire, documentaries....with coming of the counties there is a whole lot of stuff that doesn't make it in the regular programming schedule let alone news...i guess they borrowed a leaf from the vernacular channels like KASS, Pwani etc who have a lot of content


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I watched and both KTN channels were carrying the same content. So, what's the difference or at what point will they separate the content they carry between the 2 of them.
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