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Kukamatiwa chini..

Ole Mswati

Village Elder
Since we were still on strike at our workplace, I lazed in bed till kitu 10 am. The plot for the day was to go unwind with my colleagues in town at around noon. However this was not to be as a combination of factors, majorly my jalopy refusing to start and a heavy morning downpour forced me to change my mind. I decided to while away the day at home.

I went to relax at the sitting room flipping through TV channels. Shortly, Salma our house girl sauntered into the room, “Daddy nikuandalie kahawa moto, chai au glesi ya sharubati? She asked in a crisp-coastal Swahili delivered in a melodic barrage. “Nilete ile whisky yangu kwa fridge na unipe maji moto tafadhali?” I responded. I elected to pass my time savoring Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whisky, my all-time favorite drink. “Sawa ba’mdogo” Salma said this as she made her way back to the kitchen. She had put on this figure-revealing dress which sexily accentuated her curves and left little or no room for imagination.

Within no time she was back with my drinks in a tray which she proceeded to serve me, “karibu kinywaji daddy na umakinike” She invited me with a wide smile. There was an essential sweetness about her. When she smiled you could not help but smile too. I took a closer look at her and wait a minute, our house girl was gorgeous... a doe-eyed beauty…pure optical nutrition! Okay, she had worked for us for the last two months but I never got the opportunity of meeting her up-close as I usually left very early and arrived late.

I ogled at Salma’s behind as she majestically swayed back to the kitchen. Eeeish! For real, the girl was stunning! Not the smelly-weave and painted face slay-queen’s type of beauty! No, nah! Our Salma was a package of pure natural beauty. In her ordinariness, she glowed and she seemed to be disarmingly unaware of her deep beauty. She turned back just before she entered the kitchen door and caught me staring at her. I awkwardly shifted my piercing gaze. I had the urge of knowing her deeply (pun unintended).

As I drowned my thoughts in the bottle pole pole, Salma passed through the room severally while performing her cleaning/ house chores, her very African sitting allowance swaying all over the place. I noticed that she had wrapped herself with a kanga emblazoned with this eye-catching cryptic message - ‘Embe mbivu yaliwa, bali si kwa macho!’ After a while she appeared with another kanga this time with a clear message - ’Nipende kwa nia nipate kutulia’. I took this in.

JD was doing its thing inside my head. I was slowly but steadily approaching that delicate borderline between sobriety and drunkenness, that point where the world around you is floating in a soft daze of joy. “Salma njoo ukanywe angalau glesi moja ya whisky!” I said this with a new found whisky-fuelled courage. “La haula! Naogopa kulewa chakari kazini daddy” Salma protested in her melodious, fluting Kiswahili (I don’t know if it is only me, but I usually find Coasterian’s Swahili to be so sexy). I insisted and before long we were drinking together as we engaged in some light banter. She was such a good story-teller blessed with this cheerful character and contagious good humor! She cracked me up with funny stories. I also discovered she was such a knowledgeable lady.

Half a glass led to one then three and before we knew it we had bottled up heavy, totally drunk! The light banter quickly drifted to dirty talk…As if on cue, MTV started belting out amazing RnB songs. The soaring vocals and seductive tone did an excellent job of creating a perfect sensuous mood! Salma swiftly took to the floor when Beyoncé’s song – ’Naughty Girl’ hit the waves, she gyrated her assets and rocked her hips like crazy. Her energy was just on another level.

The music spiced things up. Within no time we felt like those close lovers. Those that don’t even need to ask. A simple gesture, a simple facial expression is enough to read one’s mind.

Kama mbaya ni mbaya! I grabbed Salma and bent her across my arms and made to kiss her. I found her puffy, heart-shaped lips waiting for me like a question. I kissed her slowly and softly at first, and then with a quick gradation of intensity. She circled her soft arms around me and pulled me harder against her as she groaned softly.

She was an expert kisser, I tell you! She slipped her tongue inside my mouth as she kissed deeply and harder with such fervent intensity that I have never experienced before. We kissed like possessed animals! Her hands were everywhere up my back, over my chest and before long she was slowly working to release my almost bursting member from my trouser. Before I knew it she was on her knees with my cock in her mouth. The BJ that followed...Wacha tu! My body just shook in spasms as I clung to her hair.

Aroused, I gathered her swiftly with my adrenalin-filled hands and pushed her down to the carpet. We ripped each other’s clothes off (this can be entered in the Guinness Book of World Record as it took less than two seconds). Some foreplay hapa na pale and then I finally entered her. The whole world might have turned upside down! She was so hot and tight!! Threads za Michelin zilikuwa zote kabisa. I hit her with some quick deep-sunk thrusts through an intense pumping action. She moaned loudly in ecstasy. She gyrated her hips in synch with my thrusts. After kitu twenty minutes, we reached a simultaneous climax. Bingo, when it came…it was such a deep, back-arching, toe-curling and screaming orgasmic moment that I could as well be in Nirvana! Hey, Swahili ladies are the real deal in bedminton, I daresay!

I then tried releasing myself after the intense game of rod but wapi…I felt that I was being held back deep inside her. Dang! It was such a tight vice-like grip that when I tried pulling myself forcefully, it caused such a severe pain to the two of us.

Panic and alarm ensued…we were stuck together! I trembled in fear, terror and shame. I could hear the violent motion of Salma’s heart. She was crying. “Mambo gani haya tena? Makubwa haya! Ufuska umetuweka mashakani!!” She said this amidst sobs. I could feel my lips shake as I tried to answer. I just mumbled. “Tutajiokoa vipi jameni? Na Mama Junior akitupata hivi si ataniua jameni!” To all this questions I had no answers. The thought of Mama Junior (my wife) nabbing us in this embarrassing state heightened my agony to intolerable level.

We just lay there. For how long, I cannot tell. Suddenly, I heard the veranda door slowly opened. We pushed ourselves towards the wall like we wanted it to swallow us. We heard soft footsteps. The door closed and was locked like it was. The footsteps disappeared. It was Toto, our neighbor’s kid who was probably looking for Junior to play with.

This raised my alarm as it showed that ECD kids had started arriving home from school. My Junior who was usually picked by her mother at around 4.30 pm was most likely around the corner!

Tension intensified. Desperation kicked in. My whole body was soaked in sweat. Salma was still crying. I could hear her suffocating with each breath taken.

While still pondering the next course of action, I tried lifting myself and bang… I heard a small popping sound down there. I pulled myself from her and believe it or not, the hindrance had unlocked itself! We were no longer entangled. We were free! How it happened I do not know. Why it happened at that particular time I cannot tell. All I know is that we were free from the weird imprisonment. Yes, FREE!

Was it PENIS CAPTIVUS, VAGINISMUS OR JUJU? Mmmh...That is a story for another day……