Ever heard of dead bodies that are found without heads and badly mutilated yet nothing was stolen? Have you ever asked yourself why? If you have then you would steer clear of situations that can get you killed.


Village Elder
Listen to what the elders are saying usimmange, but if you were to go ahead with your plan just eat her mbali sana like you two should go to like kwale county huko msambweni and do you business there.
Chat only via telegram, no calls or sms.
No meeting in public.

Kwa ufupi you need to cheza ki 007 ile mbaya mbovu la sivyo.

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Kwani huwezi patikana telgram, never used it


Senior Villager
Used to have a colleague who lost an eye due to sleeping with someone's wife. Caught red-handed, the husband just asked him to choose btw losing an arm or an eye. Guy chose losing one eye and lives with the shame todate. Once nilianza kunyememelea mmoja n husband became suspicious, I had to move to another estate just to forget her. My take? Too much risk for nothing.
Ati what? Hehehe ati kenyan niggas will kill u for ferking their wife? Upuuuuzi! Is this Saudi Arabia or Lebanon? Most kenyan men are nothing but sissies and soyboys who are even tired of their fat mediocre wives....THIS IS A FACT! They wouldn't mind ukitomba bibi yake as long as hutamkula kwa nyumba yake. In fact, 90% of them have side nyakes out here and that's why their wives cheat as if the world is ending. My advice, kama kitu ni safi na unataka ku sample goodies, kuta mali ibaki kesi. Nimekula mabibi za watu for a while now so i know.

The only precaution here is to use protection and only *** her in a hotel room or lodging. Neutral ground. Usimlete kwako, period. Another thing, make it clear from the word go that you are only there for the slices, feelings ajiwekee.


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:D:D:DNilikula, Pia Mimi ni bwana wa wenyewe and my Murang'a shiny eyes, is more dangerous than any man out there. Nitishie I give my wife, your wife's number, tuone Nani atakufa mbele.


Senior Villager
There is a guy who was caught red handed na Bibi ya wenyewe Kwa nyumba ya wenyewe. The owner of the house told him I don't want to hurt you please but I want you to do something. Akapewa Ike salt ya 10 Bob and was told alambe yote then he's free to go. By the time he was done he was completely dehydrated and fell apo Kwa gate. He didn't make it to the hospital. Moral of the story there are many women out there Bibi was wenyewe wachana naye
Why are guys whining are blurbering as if I will be the first one to smash someones wife when most of the elders here it is their favourite hobby , even so the husband to this woman works in abanking institution .I WILL DFHKMBLBH this woman if she is your wife ole wako nitatomba mpaka anitambue mimi ni mluhya kamili hatucheki na kuma sisi , kwanza huyu mwanamke ni kikuyu bwana ni mkale .
The various elders have spoken now use your conviction.

How will your relations at work be and it might change how other workmates view her being that she is married.You both stand to lose more for mere orgasmic gain.