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Kunguru aids Elon Musk to become the World's Richest Person!


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The South Africa-born's net worth moved to $188.5 billion a few hours ago beating his rival Bezos by $1.5 billion to be ranked as the World's riches person. Over the last 12 months, his wealth has been soaring and the recent surge in Tesla's stock price inflated the company's valuation to be worth more than Toyota, Volkswagen, Hyundai, GM and Ford combined. Meanwhile, Bezos has been raking in millions too, Covid19 increased Amazon's sales and his computing services. But get this, mid 2020 Bezos gave 4% stake in Amazon to his ex-wife as part of their divorce settlement, if this had not happened Musk would not be holding the top position yet!
The first trillionare will most likely come from a space sector agency. Just one asteroid mined could potentially provide the world with just about all the resources needed for a couple of decades.
You’ve watched too much TV young man! Kwani you think this is The 100 series?

NASA keeps most photos of Mars top secret because that fucking planet is covered in diamonds and gold ore na hawataki ijulikane. They even take samples to test purity. That is why they keep sending all those rovers.


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Jeff Bezos Ex-wife is a wonderful woman. A class act. She has donated several hundred millions of her divorce money to black causes including HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities). Several black colleges have received hundreds of millions of dollars from her in the last few months. And she continues to give almost monthly and unannounced. I honestly don’t think there’s any one person that has donated to Blacks financially like she has.