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Today I left home early due to some reasons , and was extra early ..as I waited for the offices to be opened
I had to go chill and take b-fast somewhere in westie ..Kumbe drunk people look so absurd to sober people..

Two girls were busy complaining about how men treat women badly yada yada with all the F words accompanying that story ..all the patrons could get their stories :eek::eek: ..mmoja nywele imesimama ni kama haijachanwa for 2 days exit that group..

Enter another group ..a guy came in with ululations (if you have been to cold stone they welcome you with ngemi n songs ) this guy is a perfect eg. As the group made their order the guy decides I need co. I politely decline..but you know guys on autopilot they don’t get a No.. 2 of his pals try to intervene asinisumbue to no avail..

So after taking a seat ..I have been given info and he’s lucky he doesn’t work from 8:00 to 5:00
Since he sells cars,..and his single. Lives in L.A ..ooh next thing he actually owns the yard(today’s my lucky day;);)). And he’s even selling a chrysler which was parked at home ..

Enter group three ..one yellow yellow girl is wearing a belt skirt and 6 “ high heels but can’t make up their mind on what to order..they are in – out in - out ..

Too bad I had to leave naona ningenunuliwa Chrysler as per where the stories were heading to ..n I wuldn’t hustle this much. :rolleyes: @Nefertities kindly tell me between the lady with a dress in high heels or the one with braids wewe ni mgani..frm grp 2 since they were from 1824 to K1 and you party on tues

PS: Team mbicha I could not risk taking photos, whenever you are around sober pple you think they don't know you are drunk they surely know :D:D

What are your drunkards –meet sober experiences
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If that guy was slightly sober and his name was Alejandro and he promised you the whale that swallowed Jonah instead of a Chrysler I'm sure you'd have believed him.


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I hope you dont believe all stories given by drunkards? that would be so unfortunate

Most of them build castles in the air and that is how they chipo women :p:rolleyes::rolleyes:

but that is how most get numbers, keeping up appearances for two weeks may be enough to lay the girl whose number you got but never managed to chipo then, and most guyz that have it do not go about shouting in clubs since the girls in their circles do the marketing


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and that is hw they chipo women:
Trina the way you put it someone may think ati kuchipo a woman is second to sinning ama an abomination hivi; mind you those are 2 consenting adults who have agreed to have a good shag sio ati rape ama nini. there are also women who chipo men hadi wanaleta story hapa! no ! for a mans' case its not chips funga but sausage fungwa ! have u ever sausage fungad a man? or those that do how do they go about it?
Look at you gossiping n acting holy. Who made you judge? I thot your xtian morals prohibit gossiping. Si ungekunywa chai yako uende zako. Better still you shud have tried preaching to them the way you preached to admin...


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Since he sells cars,..and his single. Lives in L.A ..ooh next thing he actually owns the yard(today’s my lucky day;);)). And he’s even selling a chrysler which was parked at home ..

classic Nairobi lady You can read she has been impressed, and a number was given and soon she will be dryfried only to later on realize the guy is the yard owner's son and the chrysler was brought over by a client to be sold. Later on cry that men are bad.
They saw it fit to start the conversation by flashing all these castles in front of your eyes and just as predicted you swallowed their lines hook line and sinker and even made a long thread about the guy.:D:D:D
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