Kuongesa misuli

Wasito, the Nyamai choma n guineas has finally shown me that am not in a good path.health wise.

Natafuta gym poa, nothing fancy mimi hapana birionea msiniambie niende Hilton.

Somewea in Roysambu,Zimmer au Nrb West.

Advice on supplement too (not steroids) is welcome


Village Elder
Gym huwezi kosa, kuna moja hua naona hapo just after Tanners ya chini (Kamiti Road)...think it is 100 per day. I was there last year. In addition, they had a jogging group.

Supplements: Know your health status first, i.e body type, metabolism etc. Doctor can advise. Maintain health check up. I stopped using supplements because of some health issues.

Finally, discipline.


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Been off booze 9 days only, who am I to advice on that? About gym though, the first two weeks your muscles will be on fire. Don't quit. In fact the first two or so days after full body work out are tough. Bonus; you will sleep better.