kuuliza sio ujinga...jana kwenye citizen nipashe

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jana jioni i watched citizen nipashe and i got surprised on a story where one man who slept with another man wife is now regretting after his d*ck refused to lie,according to villagers,the man is under a spell and no hospital could cure him.
One gentleman went ahead to explain that the husband to the lady he had slept with has vanished since then and he must be found to undo whatever he did.

with over two weeks of pain,shame and regrets the gentleman must and will continue suffering ,ili iwe funzo kwake na wengine waio na tabia ka yake.

my questions are,
is this witchcraft or just a medical case???
is this another case of "watu kula nyasi"????
is there a medical explanation???
is there a known cure?????


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noun: priapism
  1. persistent and painful erection of the penis.
late Middle English: via late Latin from Greek priapismos, from priapizein ‘be lewd,’ from Priapos (see Priapus).
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Aspirate and irrigate that deek.
Noma ni huyu jamaa amesleki sana so after ikue flaccid, inaweza kataa kuwaka tena juu ya ischemia. Nimerahisisha sana. Hii Nairobi ziko kadhaa pia, huwezi pita mwezi kama hujaona moja. Ukienda ufisi uweke around 130k ya kudrain hio deek unless unaenda riverroad.

Mundu Mulosi

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I don't know explanation but I have personally witnessed such a case. It was in Mumias around 2003, the guy had an erection for almost two weeks, when it finally went down, the guy died after a few months.
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