kuuliza sio ujinga, my boss

I have always suspected that my account has a relationship with my boss.... She is this beautiful, young single mother, with round figure.....probably exaggerated....she always seek advice from me in case akwame anywhere in life... I tried warning her aganist playing with senior's, akaruka ka Sossion.

So, yesterday was a good day for us, my boss decoded to visit my team, the gentleman asked me the account department, akasema he want to pull a kiSonko, he went there, closed the door, and stayed there for about 5minutes, when he left, he came back to my office, asked me if we were set, i noticed his fly was wide open, the zip was down, we proceeded to boardroom, we started with sales dept, then CC...all along, my questions were,

Should i tell him??
If i did, he would know that i know of their relationship.
If I didn't, it was a matter of time and he would rise to give his speech... (Probably blame for not zipping him up)

An idea came to me, i sent a text to his chick.... "are you listening to this"?
She replied, "yes, this dude is such a let down, "
..""boss alikuwa kwako pia" she replied "yeah, lazima achunge mali ya kampuni"

And i said, "mmmh, wewe huchungi mali yake poa"

She replied with ka emoji....

And i told her, its advisable to close after use aka zipping up....

She asked me "seriously " and i told her, yes, call him out, take him to your office, zip, bring him back..... And that's how the day went, your guess is good as mine, the boss is angry with me, my account is closer to me today than yesterday.
All in all, no one noticed the shame he would have displayed.